Hey, I'm Natasha.

I’m a Life Transformation Catalyst and founder of New Human Culture. In other words I’m a meditation and breath awareness teacher, energy psychology facilitator, creator, motivator and social innovator.

I’m the bridge between the past and the future, inviting people to cross over to the side where they’re no longer the victim but the creator of their thoughts, relationships and life experience. I’m here as a reflection of people’s Greatness, holding the mirror and sacred space for them to be empowered and see who they truly are. DIVINE LOVE ♡

Most of all, I’m a human being. I just happen to face up to most of the things that people tend to hide from.

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Let’s Co-create A #NewHumanCulture

This Is A Moment Of Divine Opportunity.
This Is A Moment Where We Take
Responsibility For Our Own Growth.
This Is A Moment Where The Old Way Of
Living Falls Apart.
This Is A Moment Where We Are Building
A New Human Culture.
This Is A Moment To Get Out Of The Old
Reality Of Limitation, Competition, War
And Separation.
This Is A Moment To Develop A New Reality
Of Abundance, Collaboration, Harmony
And Unity.

This Is The Moment To Create It. Right Now.

I’m Broadcasting Love ♡ Tune In ♡

To All Dreamers, Seekers And Creator Souls Out There. You’re Not Alone!

New Human Culture TV Broadcasts To Help More Of Us “See” Our Greatness And Assist In Co-creating A New Better

Reality On This Planet. One That We Thrive TogetherNot Just Survive Alone ♡

Tune In For My Best Practices & Things That Help Me Recover The Master Within. & Live My Best Most Authentic, Happy, Fulfilled Life Every Moment By Shifting My Thinking, Beliefs And All That Kept Me Back For Years.

My Story

It's not uncommon that it’s rock bottoms that usually awaken us to the identity we’ve been told & telling ourselves we are for all our life. Whatever the past, I'm here to live NOW and from that place create my best future.

Will you join me?


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