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Truly the greatest gift you can give is that of your own self-transformation. - Lao Tzu, Chinese Philosopher

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I help global businesses build better products and humans build better lives.


I have an 18-year professional experience in multinational sales, international trade and everything that has to do with global product sourcing, procurement, sustainable standards, and global manufacturing. I've worked as a Sales & Manufacturing Director for more that 10 years in producing fashion and other accessories all over Europe and Asia. I've been an entrepreneur for 8 years in "sustainable" and "fair" fashion...

...and gosh I've enjoyed the ride so far! ​

I founded Generation Generous in 2014 out of my passion of creating just a little bit better products. My then dream idea of "the most generous” shopping bag ever created, in terms of its sustainable materials, fair work standards and giving back values ended up in getting nominated for international awards and got featured in numerous international magazines, newspapers, blogs, podcasts and TV shows.

I now pursue living around the world whether on a sailboat or in a tiny bamboo hut next to the ocean, helping other people reprogram their limiting subconscious beliefs with PSYCH-K® and running Generation Generous as a Consulting & Sourcing agency for better products.

At Generation Generous , together with a passionate and dedicated team of experts we work forming awesome collaborations with global businesses, start-ups and innovators looking to build better superior products in utility and aesthetics with minimal environmental impact and fairer manufacturing standards.

As a PSYCH-K® Certified Facilitator I help people whenever I am "called" to create truly thriving lives and businesses. We do this by finding and reprogramming those subconscious beliefs that are keeping them back from living the life of their dreams, personally and professionally right now.

Contact me or email me at hello@natashaathanasiadou.com to collaborate!
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