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My Story

Truly the greatest gift you can give is that of your own self-transformation. - Lao Tzu, Chinese Philosopher

Who’s Natasha Athanasiadou?

Hey beautiful Soul, this is a question I’ve been asking myself since I was 8 years old and probably one you’re asking yourself this moment.

I’ve been the girl with the nice curls, the moaning one, the beautiful teen, the one with the divorced parents, the one who got into Cambridge, the hardworking one, the one who her mother died young, the one who travelled anywhere for whatever reason, the “successful” entrepreneur, the firm decision maker, the social innovator, the generous girl and now…​

I’m Me

It’s not uncommon that it’s rock bottoms that usually awaken us to the identity we’ve been told and telling ourselves we are for all our life. Who we must be, where we must have came from, how she should be, what we must do, what we can’t do and what to do to be “loved” and “accepted”. All these under the subtle veil of modern human culture that considers us like doing beings rather than just beings. I don’t know about you but since I was 8 I’ve been seeking for love and true freedom. Freedom to be my authentic self and create and live the best life I can on this heaven called Mother Earth. I’m convinced we all come from the same stardust and that there is so much more to each of us and whatever the past, I’m here to live the now and from that place create my best future.

Will you join me?

Arriving to Planet Earth (this time..)

I was born on 16th November 19-almost 80 in London, United Kingdom and I’m an only child (yes, my soul definitely chose that one with care for my future lessons!).

Moved to Athens, Greece and till 8 years-old I lived what I remembered, till a few years ago, to have been the best years of my life. Summer camping with Mum and Dad, barefoot walking, playgrounds and many friends at school.

At 8 I got the note that a divorce was happening. I followed my Mum and we moved a few houses. It was a bumpy time. The sensitive, playful, carefree child suddenly became responsible, introverted and lonely.

I went through my childhood and teenage years trying to hide this separation within me by doing the opposite. Being very social and active. Of course I had fun at times especially doing sports. But most times I experienced feeling angry, alone, introverted and always questioning who I really am and what is my role in this play.

So called Adulthood

Lost in my thoughts and emotions, I was lucky enough to be sent to the United Kingdom for studies and I found myself with a Masters in Cambridge. After looking at my degree and starting to realize that I could do something with this I came back to Athens to experience my Mother’s passing in 2002 from cancer.

Well, after that the story is pretty consistent for at least a decade as I completely froze and locked up within. I stopped the questions and the wanders and started executing. The more I did and achieved the more I forgot and leaned onto my shadows.

For more than a decade I traveled most of Asia and Europe working for fast fashion (I have many stories from that time, wow that was intense..!). Became an international productions & sales director. Founded my own six figure business at twenty nine, co-founded a fashion tech start-up in London that failed and then after living two burnouts within four years I quit and became one of the pioneers in 2013 to create an award recognized sustainable fashion brand based in London. I created and lived the dream I thought I wanted. But in 2017 I realized that this dream was not mine. It was that of my subconscious programming.

At the same time intimate relationships came and went. Back then I couldn’t see why. No connection and intimacy with self, no connection and intimacy with anything and anyone else. That was the uncomfortable truth which was revealed.

I woke up on the first of April 2018 in Ubud, Bali after living as a“Digital Nomad” for a few months before and I realized I knew nothing about who I truly was. Emotionally, mentally, physically or spiritually. A massive empty space I had to explore.

But where to start?

My Self-Transformation

I thought I was doing the work since my mid twenties by visiting psychotherapists, consuming an incredible amount of books, podcasts, audio books on positive thinking and personal growth but life was challenging me personally, professionally as well as psychically. In 2005 my back broke while waterskiing and I nearly got paralyzed. Still wasn’t taking the message.

That first day of April, using all my savings I was determined to go as deep as I could within my inner being. To recover the inner girl before 8 years-old and feel and talk to my Higher Self. I felt that the way in was going to be the way out to my true self, happiness, love and peace within. I tried almost everything I could. I traveled to Bali, Spain, Brazil, Cape Town. I immersed in meditation, breath work, kundalini yoga, energy work, sound healing, cacao ceremonies, ecstatic dances and everything that could allow me to see further from my “EGO'' identity. I braved up. Faced all my fears, accepted my past story, gave forgiveness to my mother and myself and above all felt absolutely grateful for all I ever lived. And I mean ALL.

In July 2019, I had another injury on my vertebra while I was running on the beach in Bali. That was the last turning point. Now the “work” I’ve been doing for two and a half years wasn’t just emotional, mental and spiritual. Most doctors I saw told me that if I didn’t operate I would remain with semi-paralyzed hands. That wasn’t going to happen so I had to heal myself physically too. And I did. With deep meditation practice I was already practicing for years and basic physiotherapy exercises. I practiced day in day out and in two weeks everything was gone. Gone.

I was creating my own dream reality. Emotional, mental, spiritual and now physical harmony and health. The signs were all there this time and I saw them. Short after I got certified as a Mediation Teacher in India and became an Energy Psychology Facilitator (PSYCH-K®)

Most importantly I became what I always felt I was as a young girl. A loving, creative, powerful spiritual being having a human experience. Master influencer of my thoughts, beliefs and actions. Following my inner direction and resonance as life unfolds moment by moment.


I now share with the world my love and appreciation for the gift of life.

I do this by becoming the bridge for people between the past and the future, inviting them to cross over to the side where they’re no longer the victim but the creator of their thoughts, relationships and life experience. I’m here as a reflection of people’s Greatness, holding the mirror and sacred space for them to be empowered and see who they truly are.

I help creators and free spirited entrepreneurs build thriving soul aligned lives and businesses through a unique blend of energy modalities and conscious belief Mastery so that they become the creators of their dream reality, starting right now.

I teach the gift of meditation and breath awareness in private classes, groups and retreats.

I came up with the concept of MasterSouls (inspired from the word “MasterMinds”) which imply connection and community with the collective SOUL. MasterSouls are an invitation to a virtual (or physical) space where you can just BE YOU and grow together with a community of like hearted people towards your greatness in all aspects of life.

I’m broadcasting LOVE via my Social Media channels and started New Human Culture TV on YouTube, where I broadcast to the hearts of those loners, dreamers seekers and wanderlust souls out there. I create (raw unedited) videos sharing all I’ve learned about how to recover the Master within and live an authentic, happy, fulfilled life every day by shifting your thinking, beliefs and all that keep us back from THRIVING in this lifetime.

I trust in what I feel is the Divine and that it’s the power within each one of us.

Much ♡